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Jerry Dunford "Meister"
Jerry Dunford was born in Germany, the son of a U.S. Military father and a mother from Vienna, Austria. At age 14 Jerry was accepted into the legendary Mercedes Benz Apprenticeship Program in Vienna. He completed the program in only three years, receiving the coveted "Gesellenbrief"; a merit award signifying his acceptance into the brotherhood of Mercedes-Benz Journeymen.

Twenty-seven years later Jerry returned to Germany, his accumulated experience in hand, and passed Mercedes-Benz' most rigorous training and testing course--receiving the title of "Meister". The Meister is the steward of the Mercedes-Benz mystique; the keeper of the legacy of the three-pointed star.

But Jerry's education did not stop there. Jerry also attended factory service schools for BMW (he spent 5 years as a BMW trouble-shooter in the 80's), Porsche and Audi. Whenever he can, he attends the latest service seminars for all four auto-makers.

As a Mercedes-Benz Master Technician, Jerry spent 6 years as a trouble-shooter for American Service Center and Mercedes Benz North America (MBNA). He has also shared his knowledge as an instructor at several service schools and colleges across the country. Along the way he has even applied his knowledge to the race scene, winning a National Championship while racing a Porsche for Heischman.

But as much as Jerry likes to teach others how to fix German Automobiles, he likes working on them even more. Over the years he has worked for, been partners in, or owned, Mercedes-Benz dealerships and service shops from Virginia to Texas; many of them becoming the premier dealerships in their area. In Hampton Virginia he opened "European Auto Village" and grew it into the largest independent dealership in the state before selling it.

In Texas he started another independent dealership by the name of "Oberklasse", and soon grew it into the premier dealership in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Then it happened. While travelling on business in California he met the love of his life, Heike. He sold the Texas business to his partners and moved here to California and married her. Jerry now brings all those years of schooling and experience to San Marcos and north county San Diego. No big dealerships this time. Just a small specialty shop where he can fix German cars the way they should be fixed, and where he can give their owners the one-on-one service they deserve. Star AutoHaus.

In Loving Memory - Jerry Dunford  1952  - 2021

Star Autohaus will continue Jerry’s Legacy with our Certified Trained Technicians Steve Ollier and Jolver Sanchez who have been working with Jerry for more than years.

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